Saturday, November 9, 2013

C Program Header Files

i just wondering it must be nice for me to include this in my blog so that it wouldnt be so hard to find this one day if i'm about to use this :) thanks for I'm Programmer, I have Brilliant life for sharing this :D it helps a lot.

1. <stdio.h>: input and output function in program.

2. <conio.h>: to clear screen and pause information function.

3. <ctype.h>: function for testing characters

4. <string.h>: function for manipulating string

5. <math.h>: mathematical function

6. <stdlib.h>: utility function for number, conversion, storage allocation

7. <assert.h>: function that can beused to add diagnostics to a program

8. <stdarg.h>: function that can be used to step through a list of function arguments

9. <setjmp.h>: function that can be used to avoid the normal call and return sequence

10. <signal.h>: function for handling exceptional condition that may arise in a program

11. <time.h>: function for manipulating date and time

12. <limits.h>: constant definitions for the size of C data types

13. <float.h>: definitions relating to floating-point arithmetic

credit : I'm Programmer, I have Brilliant life
credit : Firdaus Arifin for posting this in BIP@UTHM :)


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